Retail Recruitment -Protecting your own ‘Brand Identity’

Retail Recruitment -Protecting your own ‘Brand Identity’

You can spend years perfecting your skills and honing your abilities and, just when you decide to make a career move, you can really do yourself a huge disservice by a lack of planning.

Over the years I have noticed recruitment trends change but one thing that hasn’t changed is that, there are recruiters and headhunters that will protect you and ‘your personal brand’, and there are those that won’t.

As in many aspects of life, people are attracted by the ‘exclusive’ ‘typically inaccessible’ and the ‘not easily obtained’ and this is often reflected in the recruitment and hiring process.

Choose the headhunters and recruiters you work with carefully, do they specialise in your field? Do they operate at your level of the market? Some agencies are very skilled at working in the lower salary bracket but may lack the contacts or the reputation to market higher salaried candidates). Do you like and trust them?

Be very clear to tell them that they are not to mention you by name to any contact or recruiting business until they have discussed the premise for doing so with you first. Check – are they introducing you to the right level and type of person in that organisation?

A quality introduction of a candidate to a hiring organisation whether speculative or against a specific assignment should include a good level of detail on the person – extra information that a company couldn’t know from reading his or her CV.

Despite my words of warning, a headhunter’s introduction can be powerful and positive. Remember they can highlight things about you that you can’t, for example, your high integrity levels, what your referees think of you and whether you are engaging/bright/witty/loyal and much more!

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