Why you really get hired – looking beyond the job description

Both us, as a search firm, and our client will be working to a role brief but there are some further things that the decision makers often think about …

‘What EXTRA SKILLS, and experience do we get by hiring this person above and beyond the brief?’ For example, a retailer may want someone to manage their European store portfolio but what if a candidate had experience of managing sites all over the world?

HEADROOM -A company will consider ‘If we hire this person for this specific role, will they be bored or discontent in a years time? Will there be sufficient growth to keep them?’ High turnover is disruptive and expensive.

SUCCESSION PLANNING– ‘Does this person have the potential to grow into our senior manager/Director?’

LOCATION– ‘How far from the office do they live?’ even Regional Managers on the road most days need to be in a sensible start location to tend to their flock. It has got to be a bonus to hire someone who can spend less time in the car or on the train and more time on their work.

CREDIBILITY– New hires often have to earn the trust and confidence of those around them but the road is much easier it is when their background and reputation easily offers specific industry sector knowledge and a proven track record of success.

CULTURE & PACE– Decision making, pace, rate of change, flexibility and the levels of autonomy will all vary significantly between a large listed company in comparison to, for example, a VC backed turnaround company A hiring manager will always be assessing how a candidate has been used to working , and in which environments they have been successful.

Understanding what is important to a company you are hoping to join will give you a definite advantage so remember to always prepare well and, if you are lucky enough to be working with a headhunter, take their advice!